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Pictures of Barcelona by Night: A Walk around the Gothic Quarter

pictures of barcelona

Barcelona's City Hall at Night - Travel Barcelona

Luis Cicerone of shares his pictures of Barcelona during a night stroll.

A night walk around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter or Barrio Gótico is a must for every visitor eager to experience a part of the soul of a city packed with architectural wonders, cultural gems, sunny beaches and exciting nightlife.

pictures of barcelona

Catalonia's Regional Government Palace at Night - Travel Barcelona

I tend to think every place has got a million different faces, a million feelings to be experienced.

pictures of barcelona

Behind the Cathedral at Night - Travel Barcelona

Every time we travel somewhere, we get to see a couple, maybe a few of those faces, we get to experience only a tiny part of what makes a destination unique. Some of these traits are only shown to us when a certain trigger is activated.

pictures of barcelona

Tourists walk around the Cathedral at Night - Travel Barcelona

A cloudy day, light rain, a special festivity, or even a recent shock could bring to the surface different personalities within the same city. London feels different when it’s sunny.

pictures of barcelona

Gothic Window at Night - Travel Barcelona

Are the places we go to at night the same we visited in the morning? They surely change. Shadows climb on walls earlier filled with light, disfigured statues mock passers-by and shady characters wander around the darkest corners of town.

pictures of barcelona

A Gothic gargoyle on Carrer del Bisbe - Travel Barcelona

pictures of barcelona

Ghostly Reliefs - Travel Barcelona

The Gothic Quarter in Barcelona is no exception, at night, some of the narrow streets in the neighborhood become obscure and scary, they almost seem taken from a horror book.

pictures of barcelona

Ghostly figure near Plaça de Sant Felip Neri at Night - Travel Barcelona

pictures of barcelona

Tourists having dinner near Sant Just i Pastor Church at Night - Travel Barcelona

And although I would love to say that the whole barrio is a secluded and quiet oasis in the middle of the bustling city, I won’t lie. By night, hordes of paella-hungry tourists converge in the areas around the main sights. The Cathedral, Las Ramblas or Portal del‘Àngel avenue become crowded with visitors as well as locals.

pictures of barcelona

Barcelona is touristy, day and night - Travel Barcelona

pictures of barcelona

Gothic Quarter at Night - Travel Barcelona

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ciuatanejo says:

Well, I live near Barcelona. Beautiful pictures. But and Plaça Reial?
Les Rambles is the place of Barcelona where you can meet people every hour of the day.
Regards from Mataró, Barcelona, Spain

Monzie says:

Gorgeous photos! I love the surprise of movement shots.

The Barri Gotic is a beautiful area in Barcelona. Love these photos at night. You get to see a different side of the city after dark. I loved watching the fountains by the MNAC Catalan Art museum.

Michael says:

Beautiful photos! I love how the ‘ghosts’ really create a sense of movement in the streets!

Creepy streets! I love all the ghostly figures too. 🙂

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