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Travel Photo of the Day – Cairn on Big Sur California Pfeiffer State Beach

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Cairn on Big Sur California's Pfeiffer State Beach

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Usually when one thinks of “California Beaches” they imagine miles of sun baked stretches of groomed sand beset with oiled bodies packed side by side like fish in a can, body builders and volleyball games. But there is another type of California beach; a little less accessible but worth the effort. Big Sur’s Pfeiffer State Beach just a couple of miles from the famous Highway One south of Monterrey is world unto itself. You don’t go to Pfeiffer State Beach to be seen but to see nature. Huge waves crash onto dark rocks, shore birds soar overhead and if you stay until sunset you will be treated to a full canvas of glorious reds and golds as the sun slips into the Pacific. Pfeiffer State Beach is a treat just perfect for an afternoon of quiet reflection and contemplation.

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One of my favorite beaches. I used to go there often when I lived in Pacific Grove. Ahhhh.

Laura says:

Big Sur and stretch of the PCH between San Francisco and San Luis Obispo has to be one of my favorite places on earth. Great photo, and you really captured the contrast between more stereotypical California beaches.

Beth says:

Brendan, I just think you’re imposing your inner thoughts onto it…missing home maybe?! Anyhow, I love it.

I would DEFINITELY get my eyes checked first!

At first glance I thought there was a house built into that stump. I’ve got to get my eyes checked… or stop drinking.

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