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Visiting San Francisco for the first time!

After visiting London for a week, I didn’t think it could get much better, but it has. From one great city to another, from London travel to San Francisco travel.  The liberal and environmental activism in San Francisco has fascinated me for many years.  One of my best friends moved out here from New Jersey over 6 years ago and I am just now making the effort to visit.  Yes, that’s too long, but it’s also never too late.

San Francisco Travel

Ain't Nobody Can Love Me Like You Do - San Francisco, CA by Nick.Fisher, on Flickr

San Francisco Fleet Week

Sitting here listening to the Blue Angels jets thunder across the sky, I am even more excited that I arrived during San Francisco Fleet Week.  I tried my best to alert the San Francisco Visitors Bureau that I was here in hopes to receive press access to the events this week in order to share some insider photos with you. Still no reply to our emails. Regardless, I have the video recorder and camera ready to watch the ships sail the bay and the Blue Angles streak across the sky.

San Francisco Travel

Blue Angles by (matt), on flickr

Nook, a San Francisco Cafe and Wine Bar

After waking up early and finding my buddy’s fridge empty, less the eggs, no good for vegans, I strolled down the street to the Nook Cafe. Quite the trendy place with wine and beer choices and even Sake drinks! I am a big sake fan. It was a bit too early to drink (who am I kidding, it’s never too early) so I enjoyed some fresh orange juice, coffe and a hummus sandwich which was delicious. As I looked around me I saw a bench with 4 patrons in a row all with their silver MacBooks in action. It was a very geometric picture, almost mechanical in a small trendy cafe. Quite the contrast. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the energy to take a picture this morning, but I will have many mornings there I am sure.

San Francisco Travel

Nook Cafe and Wine Bar in San Francisco

It was my first experience with the green San Francisco. There were vegan meals and deserts, but mostly it was the sign above the trash can that captured my attention. It read:

“Don’t throw away your napkins or food scraps, we will properly compost them.”

I like that, I like that a lot.  More to come from San Francisco travel.

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Helen Anne says:

San Francisco is easily my favorite city in the US. Next time take a trip up to Muir Woods to see the redwood forests.

Simmo says:

I’ll be heading to San Francisco towards the end of my six months travelling and after seeing these pictures I cant wait! 🙂

Name says:

Great post. I travel to S.F. with regularity and it is always a great place to visit. First time or 10th time, always a special destination with much new and old, part of what makes it so neat.

Stephanie says:

I went to Nook there when I visited my first time. A great little place.

Leah says:

I love San Francisco and have been trying to get back for years. Thank you for taking me there. Enjoy!

Jason says:

Glad we could bring back memories for you Leah. There will be lots more on San Francisco, stay tuned!

dan says:

great photos!

Don Faust says:

Jason – I was JUST there today on business. Back in Seattle tonight though. If you like ceviche and other South American styled dishes (west coast), check out La Mar (I think the translation is simply The Ocean) – the owner and main chef has one only in Lima, Peru and San Fran. I understand he is going to open a New York restaurant of the same name. I thought it was excellent. It’s real close to the baseball stadium before the wharf.

Have fun in Sonoma. If you are venturing in Napa Co, you should check out Calistoga – I thought it was a really cool hip town – lots of vineyards all over. Yountville is really cool too – really high end – that’s where the Michelin star restaurants are – apparently, more in a single mile than anywhere in the world.

Jason says:

Don, thanks for the food and wine tips. I will be getting out to Napa. Yountville sounds like an interesting place too.

Don Faust says:

If you DO go to Yountville, they have a number to wine tasting shops that sell their own wine or others, but it’s convenient to taste the varieties of wines right in the stores, rather than having to drive all over to the different wineries. I presume they have those all over Napa and Sonoma, but some are really cool,and are set up with nice dining tables and will host groups for dinners and wine pairings.

Abby says:

I love SF! I never spend enough time there though, because I’m usually on my way to or from Napa. 😉 Great photos.

Caanan says:

Some of our favorites from a visit earlier in the year.

America Grilled Cheese Kitchen in SoMa.
Humphrey Slocombe (Ice Cream) in the Mission.

I have heard that Saigon Sandwich serves amazing Bahn Mi. I also have heard amazing things about Roli Roti at the Ferry Terminal, but have not been yet.

Jason says:

Guys, thanks for all the food tips! We always struggle a bit because we are vegans, but San Francisco has a lot of options for that too.

Glad you had a great time in my hometown! I’ve been traveling, so will miss Fleet Week this year. Love your photo of the Blue Anglels — they’re awesome!

Jason says:

Still having a great time, only been here for 2 days so far. I have a lot to explore! I have been listening to the Blue Angels practice this week, can’t wait to see the show.

Philip says:

Nice post and close to home. Let me know if you come down to the redwoods and want to do a hike.

Jason says:

Thanks for the tip Philip, gotta get down there to see those giant trees.

Philip says:

They are awesome, especially in Big Basin Redwood State Park.

Ah, California, the land of fruits and nuts.
Great state with lots to see and do – San Francisco being just one of the great cities.
Nice read and good pics.
Have a great time while you are there!
John D. Wilson

Jason says:

Thanks John, we will do our best. The weather has been incredible, which helps.

Andrea says:

Ahhhh – San Fran – such fond memories…I lived there for 2 1/2 years but it was so many years ago that I’m not sure how much as changed. Check out the “beat bars” – the old haunts of Jack Kerouac. If you have time hire a car and drive north or south. I prefer north, where you’ll find Napa and Sonoma wine regions but south you can check out hip San Jose and the silicon valley area.

Jason says:

We are definitely doing a day trip to Sonoma. My buddy will be driving us, we are staying with him.

Cheryl says:

North Beach area … lots of really good Italian bakeries, cafes and restos!

Jason says:

Thanks for the tip.

Annette says:

Fleet week is amazing. I live just north of SF and our town loses a lot of its population due to all the folks going to SF for Fleet Week. You can even kayak in the waters below as the jets roar overhead!

Jason says:

That’s sounds awesome! I will have all kinds of gadgets down there filming and photographing the event, but I am sure there will be plenty of others doing the same thing.

Gerard says:

So how many homeless people did you see yelling at themselves? I always see one every other time i’m in SF.

Raymond says:

I’m with you Gerard — the moderate weahter draws all the crazies. Adds character though — which is always a plus… 🙂

Jason says:

I am sure it will happen. I have seen them, but no crazy actions yet.

Romana says:

We were recently in San Francisco and we really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere. It was a short stay, but I hope one day we can come back for more. If I can give you one advice, go to Mamas for breakfast or brunch – try eggs benedict. They deserve their reputation! So worth queuing for 🙂

Jason says:

My buddy confirms it’s the best, but yes you will wait a long time. Unfortunately as vegans we can’t taste the eggs benedict and not being able to have eggs or bacon does take away from those great breakfasts. I must say, I really did enjoy the Nook, but it’s no Mamas!

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