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Travel Photo – Tzotzil Chamulan Worship Service in Mexico

travel photo

Traditional Indigenous Tzotzil Chamulan Worship Service in Nichnamtic Chiapas, Mexico

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Recently the Indigenous Tzotzil people in the villages surrounding San Cristobal de las Casis, Chiapas, Mexico expelled the Catholic priests from their churches and now practice a religion that is a mixture of pagan ritual and Christianity. Brass bands play, homemade bottle rockets are fired and ritual dances are performed for a variety of saints. As witnessed through this travel photo, there are no pews and the floors are covered with pine needles and hundreds of candles. Smoke from pine scented copal incense fills the air sending smoke for food to the saints. The celebrants also consume quantities of cigarettes, Pox (pronounced – Posh – a liquor made from sugar cane) and Coca Cola. The latter presumably to create big belches that expel evil spirits from the body. It is all very beautiful, lively and fun.

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JonathanN says:

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Hail the all-mighty Coca-cola…

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