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Travel Photo – Great Wall of China

travel photo

The Great Wall of China

In her first guest post for, Unisse of Little Girl Travels, shares her trip to China with us in this travel photo of the day.

Having gone to a Filipino-Chinese school, I have had history lessons about China and the ever famous Great Wall of China. However, history doesn’t tell you how hard it is to climb the structure. Since the Great Wall was built by more than a million workers by hand over different time periods, the steps aren’t exactly leveled properly. Hold on to the railings for extra support to help you climb.

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Rease says:

The size of this wall just completely baffles me.

Me too. Can’t wait to visit someday.

Superb perspective! Always good to see a known landmark shot differently…

Claire says:

You are so right-history DOESN’T tell us how hard it is to climb the Great Wall! True story: I hurt my knee when I climbed it a few years ago, to the extent that I permanently damaged some tissue or something in there. To this day, when I use it strenuously (as in climbing something) it still hurts! I refer to it fondly as my “Great Wall of China injury.” 🙂

Rachael Sena says:

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine the magnitude of great structures such as The Great Wall, but I feel that Unisse captured the scale of the wall in this photo. Comparing the small group of people at the base of those few steps to the watchtower above them portrays how much land and space the wall takes up. Incredible!

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