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Travel Photo – Oregon State Park Umpqua River

travel photo

Colliding Falls at the Umpqua River in an Oregon State Park

In this travel guest post for, Andrea of the Butterflyist, shares a nature picture from an Oregon State Park in this travel photo of the day.

The more lichen that grows on a tree, the purer the air – and the trees around the beautiful Colliding Falls in Oregon’s historical Umpqua region were furry with the stuff. It’s a true example of nature being allowed to just ‘be’, rather than being polluted or ruined by humans. I loved breathing in the clean oxygen when I visited this amazing Oregon State Park and the Umpqua River in the Northwest USA.

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Andrea says:

It’s stunning up there Grace. and also around Toketee Falls close by. Definitely recommend a visit if you can manage it!

Grace Pamer says:

It’s true that the more lichen that grows on a tree, the purer the air. As what I can see from the picture, the air in that place is really fresh and pure. It would be a refreshing time if I can go there with my family. Just watching the river flow takes away my stress.

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