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Colombia Holiday with Christmas Lights – Travel Video Ep. 18

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An incredible display of Christmas lights / Los Alumbrados Medellín in this HD travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani, while visiting Medellín, Colombia during the Holidays.  In travel video episode #18, we brave the splashing fountains of water and follow our Couchsurfing friend, Claudia, to the Rio Medellín for some holiday season fun. Enjoy the show!

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travel video

Colombia Travel – Christmas Lights in Medellín, Colombia

Consider Colombia Travel

Colombia was one of our favorite countries to visit during our travel in South America and we highly recommend it. If your still contemplating, read “Why Travel to Colombia“.

travel video

Colombia Travel – Christmas Lights in Medellín, Colombia

Christmas in Medellín Colombia

We arrived to Medellín in December, just before departing to Ecuador to spend the holidays with family. To our surprise Medellín has a lot to offer during the holiday season. Lights, lights and more lights!

The Christmas light display is heavily concentrated at the Rio Medellín near Puente de Guayaquil. At this location, tourists and locals flock to grab festival food, view artistic light displays and most importantly, jump around the colorful water fountains. The maze of water displays is incredible. Although crowded, everyone seems to take turns in an orderly fashion. Aracely was brave enough to crowd under one of the mushroom-like fountains.

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Colombia Travel – Christmas Lights in Medellín, Colombia

A Local Tour Guide

We were lucky to have met Claudia at a Couchsurfing gathering a few nights before and she offered to take us to the Christmas lights display down at the river. Claudia introduced us to salt and lime beer, basically a margarita beer, sweet popcorn, Aguardiente and some sweets that resembled taffy, but was made from cow bones. Very interesting and tasted quite good.

travel video

Colombia Travel – Pueblito Paisa in Medellín, Colombia

We know a lot of travel bloggers that are still living in Medellín, Colombia, and it’s doubtful they will be bored this time of season. The Christmas lights are usually on display from December to January.

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Alandra Mayorgas says:

Truly amazing images of Colombia. Thanks so much.

cool scene there..
the lights is dancing with the fountain background…
i love it..

Tovah says:

I just moved to Colombia, and the Christmas lights were amazing, not to mention the street vendors selling Colombian favorites like natilla and buenelos.

Glad you enjoyed it. The food and lights were both amazing.

Rachael Sena says:

Great video! It really compliments your article.

Rease says:

Those fountains look awesome. One of my best friends in Argentina is from Colombia and he always says Christmas is Colombia is amazing and he misses it a lot.

Andi says:

Oh wow the colors are gorgeous!

And the water was lots of fun!

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