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Travel Photo – Foggy Morning Mountains in Chiapas, Mexico

travel photo

Travel Photo - Foggy Morning in the Mountains of Chiapas, Mexico

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In late December I had the privilege to spend the night with a charming indigenous family in the tiny village of Nichnamtic; high in the mountains of Mexico’s southern state of Chiapas. This family had little to offer other than hospitality, welcoming smiles and a place for a sleeping bag but by opening their home they helped open my world. It was a clear cold morning and we started our hike before dawn. Roosters were crowing and the wild birds were just beginning to sing. The air was crisp and pine scented. Amazingly as we hike a bit we could see that the valleys were filled with fog and we descended into them. We reached the bottom of one valley right at sunrise and I was able to make what I think are some interesting travel photos of this little traveled part of the world.

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Samuel says:

That’s an incredible shot Jonathan 🙂

Thanks Andi. I am constantly blown away by the beauty of Chiapas.

Andi says:

Absolutely stunning! AWESOME pic!!!

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