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Advertising Latin Style – Travel Video Clip 6

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After traveling throughout Central America and South America, we have experienced our share of unique cultural norms in Latin America, one of which includes putting home speakers on your car and advertising loudly through the streets. This wasn’t an occasional site, it was a frequent site, often advertising for events, radio stations or products, and also for politicians. We see this in some parts of Miami too, which is not too strange considering Miami is primarily Latin. I’ll have to get some video of that to share. To see more unique cultural norms from Latin America, check out their tricked out custom chicken buses!

In this travel video clip #6, we share some creative advertising methods used in Latin America.

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Tiffany says:

Ha ha! I lived in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Mexico for 5 months about 2 years ago and i STILL have the song for the gas truck in my head… “Venta, venta, venta gas!” I’m curious to see if they do this in SE Asia, or if it’s a latino thing!

I remember the Trash trucks had their own songs in Arequipa, Peru. I like the idea.

Andi says:

Haha yes this is SO Latin American!

gayE says:

Just like in the Philippines too!

There seems to be a lot of resemblance between the two cultures from the feedback I have received on several Latin America culture posts like this.

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