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Granada Nicaragua Las Isletas – Travel Video Ep. 20

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Enjoy a boat tour of millionaire homes on Lake Nicaragua through an HD adventure travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani, while visiting Granada, Nicaragua.  In travel video episode #20, we tour Las Isletas and Monkey Island on Lake Nicaragua. Enjoy the show!

Nicaragua Travel – Granada

Granada’s colonial heritage is most notable in it’s architecture. The Cathedral stands out in the city above most buildings with it’s bright yellow color and it’s a good marker to make your way to the town’s center. In the center of town is Central Park (Parque Central) where you will find an abundance of vendors selling crafts and possibly a dozen hotdogs stands at any given time. Be prepared, because Nicaragua travel is very hot and humid year round.

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Nicaragua Travel - The Cathedral of Granada

Lake Nicaragua

Lake Nicaragua (Lago Cocibolca) is Central America’s largest lake and is a big tourist attraction for those visiting Granada. There are several tours available on the lake, but opt out of swimming, it’s still very polluted.

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Nicaragua Travel - Lake Nicaragua Las Isletas

Granada Tours

  • Mombacho Volcano
  • Las Isletas de Granada (Granada Islands)
  • Isla Ometepe
  • Laguna de Apoyo

Las Isletas de Granada

This was our choice for a Granada tour, riding on a small boat through some of the 365 small islands in Lake Nicaragua.  Only 3 km from Granada, it’s can be  a short 1-2 hour tour.  Some of the islands are privately owned and include millionaire homes with yachts docked next to them.  There are also a few bars and restaurants where you can relax in a hammock and enjoy a drink on an island.  You can grab a boat ride down at the lake’s edge or book a tour in town.  There are always boats available, just be sure to negotiate your rate.  If you enjoy watching monkeys in the wild, you will love Monkey Island.

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Nicaragua Travel - Lake Nicaragua Monkey Island

What to do in Granada Nicaragua

Granada is a happening town, with lots of bars, restaurants and a decent nightlife.  Our two favorite places to hang out include Calle La Calzada and Parque Central.  Parque Central (Central Park) is full of vendors, music, gazebos and small cafes for relaxing in the park.  Around the park there are usually activities going on to entertain tourists, making it an enjoyable hangout.  Calle La Calzada is the place to enjoy gringo bars, restaurants and street entertainment.  Expect to see lots of children begging for money, some asking to finish your meal or offering crafts they make.

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Nicaragua Travel - Granada City Streets

Budget Travel Tips

Nicaragua, typically includes a 15% tax on everything in its tourist cities.  Granada, was no exception, and was one of the downsides to enjoying a meal in a decent restaurant.

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Mica says:

I love monkeys in the wild. So much more interesting them seeing them at a zoo or even at a rehab center, since they are still not ‘wild’. In their own natural environment you get more of a feeling of their personalities!

It was very cool seeing the monkeys there. the monkeys were apparently pets that were abandoned on the island by their owners. The colony has increased over the years and currently it is not known how many monkeys are on the island.

Brock says:

What interesting architecture! Love that yellow church. I’d love to see more pictures!

The yellow church, (Cathedral) is a great piece of architecture.

Andi says:

I loved my little boat ride from island to island. The monkeys are the best part!

Yes, Monkeys are everyone’s favorite! How can you argue that?

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