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Samara Beach Costa Rica – Travel Video Ep. 21

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Enjoy the best off-the-beaten-path beach in Costa Rica through an HD adventure travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani, while visiting Sámara, Costa Rica.  In travel video episode #21, we film the flat, calm, white sand Samara Beach and it’s small island of Isla Chora. Enjoy the show!

Costa Rica Travel – Sámara

Samara is located on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast. Costa Rica is Central America’s most developed country and attracts the most tourists, allowing it to build an improved infrastructure attracting luxury beachfront resorts. As a budget traveler, this can be a challenge. You want to explore the wonderful beaches of Costa Rica, but you also have a travel budget to stick to.

Best Beach in Costa Rica

Have you ever envisioned a wonderful cove beach with subtle waves, endless reefs, nearby cliffs battered by the sea, horses running along the water’s edge, palm trees bending towards the horizon, reefs occasionally sun bathing and a small rock island that beckons you as you rest on the mainland?

Then you better get yourself to Samara Beach, the best off-the-beaten-path beach in all of Costa Rica.

Travel Video

Costa Rica Travel - Samara Beach

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Stu says:

Hey guys 🙂 i love your website, thank you for putting the time and effort into creating it! I have found these video’s very inspiring and I have great admiration for you both and your approach to life. I look forward to seeing more of your videos in the future. I was wondering what camcorders did you use to capture the footage and would you recommend them?

Stu, thanks for visiting. We use a Canon HFS100 to record, but I don’t recommend it for challenging environments. It broke down twice during our year in Central and South America from sand blowing inside the camera. It has an open front lens, which is not good. Look for a good sealed camera.

Amy says:

I spent 6 weeks there a year and a half ago and fell in love with Samara. How come you don’t mention which places you stay? Both the good & the bad? Inquiring minds want to know!

Honestly, I can’t remember the names of them. We just found it and walked up. But, Samara is small, so there are few options anyway. We tried to stay at a place on the beach, but we couldn’t get a room. It looked like a big party atmosphere anyway, which didn’t suit us well.

mykonos says:

I wish I could go there soon! Wonderful beach!

Jane says:

Costa Rica is one of our all time favourite holiday destinations, and if you can get away from the touristy places, you will find some of the best places to visit. Take your time to get around, and spend a few days to explore the quieter part of the islands.

Excellent video! Wish I was laying on the beach instead of enjoying the blizzards of Toronto!

Brock, not trying to rub it in or anything, but it’s between 75 and 80 degrees in Miami. 🙂

I’ve been there before, it’s so insanely peaceful and the horses ran along the beach when I was there as well. Took me by surprise!

The horses too us by surprise too. I loved that beach so much. Just a wide open flat beach with barely any waves. It was beautiful.

wow! amazing as usual from you guys. I aspire to be able to do what you did! Any plans to travel again?

Michael, thanks for visiting our site. If you haven’t had a chance to catch up on the rest of our videos, head over to our Travel Videos page. We would love to travel long-term again, someday, but for now, it’s brief vacation adventures and trips. We had to get back to work and start saving money again. We recently visited San Francisco and London and are trying to plan a great adventure for later this year.

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