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Travel Photo – Uganda Beetles Mating

travel photo

Travel Photo - Uganda Beetles Mating

In this travel guest post for, Andrea of the Butterflyist, shares a nature picture from Uganda in this travel photo of the day.

It was quite incredible to spot these two beautiful beetles while doing a nature walk around the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, in Uganda’s Kibale National Park. Such an intimate look into the lives of insects, going about their business in their tiny little world. It made me think about the many levels that our plant exists on, and how important it is that we protect our environment, to ensure that so many different lifeforms can continue their existence on earth.

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mykonos says:

What a beautiful picture! I think some people should get a room 😉

That’s how I mate too.

It seems like a difficult position for humans.

Brock says:

Their colours are so beautiful! I can see why they’re attracted to each other!

Andrea says:

Yes they are stunning aren’t they? 🙂

Andrea says:

Ha I agree Andi. Though I’m not sure they’d have spent a long time in it!

Awesome macro!!! But I feel like we should get them a room, huh?

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