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Aracely turns 30 – Where should she travel?

Aracely turns the big 30 on March 12 and as usual with any milestone in her life, she wants to go travel, or at least create more adventure vacations memories.  We have a week to escape, and no plans at this point.

adventure vacations

Aracely relaxing during her hike of Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

What type of travel?

It doesn’t seem like she has narrowed it down very well. Aracely wants a little bit of everything, which includes, urban city, the country, hiking, nature, culture, history and good food. In terms of cost, we are interested in mid-level accommodations. That means, not hostels or motels, but not 5-star luxury resorts. We have nothing against 5-star luxury resorts, as long as we can afford it.

Where to Travel?

Relaxing on a warm beach is nice, but so are the canyons in Utah. She has researched a stop-over in Vegas for the city life and then on to Hawaii for adventure, nature and relaxation. A luxury resort in Utah’s desert looks awesome, but a bit out of our price range. Australia seems to offer it all, beaches, city and the outback, but it’s a very expensive and long flight.

Also, take note, Aracely doesn’t like spending a lot of time traveling in a car or bus, which eliminates a road trip.

Give us your ideas!

So there you have it. An extremely vague list of wants for her 30th Birthday vacation. What ideas do you have for Aracely?

UPDATE: Aracely doesn’t like cold weather.

benjinman says:

Do you think China is a great country? Have you ever been in China before? If not,think about it.

Krystal says:

Africa is an option, she will be able to enjoy the tropical climate and the lovely people

Africa was an option, but we opted for a shorter flight to Ecuador. An Africa wild safari will remain atop our bucket list.

Jimmy says:

Central Asia, the Caucasus corridor between Iran and Russia, Persia, Kenya,Tanzania or Honduras.

Ninfa says:

I was going to suggest Hawaii also, especially the Big Island. Hawaii is at the top of our favorites after our world tour. Rent a car and drive the whole Big Island. The Volcano tour is out of this world! Check our site for more details.

I think it’s going to be Hawaii. We have never been and don’t really know what each island has to offer.

I turn 30 this year too! I’m think someplace exotic in the Caribbean?????? I love hot weathered to.

I wish I could say I am turning 30! It’s looking like Hawaii, but we still have to research a lot. Whenever I think Caribbean, I think San Blas Islands, they were so beautiful.

Turning 30 is a big milestone. That happened for me last October. I think Utah sounds like a great place to visit for scenic views.

It seems like we are going to do Utah for my 40th… darn that is still 2.5yrs away. We found some incredible Ranches to stay in the desert with amazing views. That is what I want to do.

Gregory Berg says:

Hi Jason and Aracely. For something that’s relatively close, wouldn’t blow out your budget, and fits your criteria, I’d suggest flying into San Francisco. Spend a few days in the city (my fave US city with a ridiculous amount of great food, history, culture, and public transit), then to get some nature, drive or bus to Yosemite (3-4 hours away and truly amazing any time of year). Or for closer nature/adventure time, try Sonoma (less ritzy than Napa and better in my opinion; especially love the towns of Sonoma and Healdsburg) and/or the Pacific coast (drive up Hwy 1 to Mendocino or further). Lodging in SF can be crazy expensive, but I’ve had great luck getting discounted lodging there on Hotwire.

We traveled to San Francisco for the first time this year and explored a lot of the local area. We didn’t make it up to Yosemite, but we did explore the region north of the Golden Gate Bridge and a few of the wine valleys. And it’s a pretty good place to eat if you are vegan. Another big plus for us!

Runaway Brit says:

COLOMBIA without a doubt!! The Caribbean coast has it all and MORE! Those guys know how to put on a good party. Start with Cartegena for history, city, culture and food, then head to Parque Tayrona for hiking, beach and camping. You could even take in the Cuidad Perdido for more history and adventure.

That is an ideal trip, but it’s one we have done. We traveled Colombia pretty extensively and are looking for something new. By the way Tayrona is indeed incredible!

John says:

Have you thought about Southern Spain? prices have come down a lot recently (40% according to a recent post office survey) and I know it sounds cliché, but you really do have everything – from beaches, to some of Europe’s nicest Natural parks….some of the cities here are breathtaking!! you could easily tour Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Cadiz – if you had a few more days – go across to Morocco as well!! Ceuta – Chefchaouen – Fez is a nice route and one that can be done in a few days!! Good luck and enjoy where-ever you go…..

Southern Spain is an option. We spent 10 days in Madrid 5 years ago and loved the city, but we haven’t seem Spain’s beaches yet. What’s the weather like this time of year?

T-roy says:

I would get on and pick anything last minute that is cheap and exciting! They have a ton of stuff on there for last minute deals for trips that are 3-7 days long and you can search by city (like Miami or whatever). Makes it kind of cool not knowing and deciding on what looks like the best deal for the best location. Who knows, sometimes they have some sweet deals to Europe on there for Italy and what not.

Aracely has a TraveZoo account. I will have to make sure she checks it out daily. Thanks for the tip Troy!

Hawaii, specifically Maui, is a great option. Hawaiian Airlines is running some specials right now, too…for the time you are planning to go. Lanai is nice (Matt from Landlopers has good things to say about it!) and I have heard Oahu has lots of stuff to do too….

I am going to be in Maui from March 14-22 on a trip I won from the MVCB. Maui in March has a certain kind of ring to it…and my birthday is on March 13th (Yay Pisces!), so I couldn’t figure out a better way to celebrate. 🙂

We are planning to do a lot of hiking, snorkeling, whale watching and trying to find the local spots to hang out and enjoy ourselves.

Wherever you decide, I am sure you will have a blast!

Hawaii is still a top option for us.

I heard Buffalo, New York is beautiful this time of year. If not, my home away from home, San Diego is always a great choice… beautiful beach, buzzing city, amazing food (cheap flights via Southwest).

Hey Gareth, it probably is a white winter wonderland, but Aracely isn’t too fond of the cold weather. I should add that to the post, because we are going to get a lot of winter weather ideas.

San Diego could be a cool spot. What adventures could we do around there in terms of nature and country?

Wendy says:

You guys are able to go to the beach a lot and live in a warm climate, so I would say no to a beach resort type trip. Maybe check out Europe or Vancouver – which I’ve heard is beautiful! You can keep brushing up on your snowboarding in Vancouver and also enjoy the city!

Very true Wendy, but you know about Aracely and the cold weather. She is not a big fan. That voids out Vancouver and another suggestion we received of Lake Tahoe.
She is thinking about Italy, but that would be on the high end of our budget.

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