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Choosing the Best Galapagos Tours

Choosing from the hundreds of Galapagos tours doesn’t sound like an easy choice, but it actually wasn’t too hard for Aracely and I. As someone that’s active on the web, always reading others’ experiences while touring the world, I sort of knew who the best tour operators for the Galapagos were.

Galapagos Travel

Galapagos Tours

Adorable sea lion pups, Chinese Hat, Galapagos by GirlUnmapped, on Flickr

This trip is a special one, it’s to celebrate Aracely’s 30th Birthday. Our visit to the Galapagos Islands is a bit different compared to when we backpacked through Central and South America between 2009 and 2010. In 2010, our budget prevented us from experiencing Galapagos the way we had always imagined. We were living on $55 a day, which didn’t cover the cost of Galapagos tours. Now, in 2012, we are ready to book the tour we have always wanted, and we expect G Adventures will be able to deliver that for us.

10-Day Multi-Activity Galapagos Land Tour

We experienced a small tour with G Adventures in 2009 to the Iguazú Falls and had an excellent trip. Add that experience, all the other positive experiences written about by travel bloggers and the experiences by our friends in the Wanderers in Residence program and you end up on a trip with G Adventures. That’s why it was an easy choice for Aracely and I.

Galapagos Adventures and Education

We will be sleeping on the Galapagos Islands each night, which is probably best for Aracely, who is prone to seasickness. This also allows us to spend longer days hiking volcanoes, exploring individual islands and museums. Other activities include kayaking, snorkeling and mountain biking. I figured we might get bored touring on a boat for 7 days, so the idea of multiple activities was a good thing.

Education has always been an important part of any tour we participate in. Ever since our Grand Canyon hike in 2006, we make every effort to get schooled in the places we visit, the local culture and it’s history. We know the Galapagos Islands has amazing scientific facts and a lot of wildlife to learn about.

Quito, Ecuador

We arrive to Quito this weekend, a city we have a spent over a month living in before. It will be fun to revisit some of the old places we ate at, maybe even climb back up the Basílica del Voto Nacional or just check off items from our list of best things to do in Quito.

By Sunday afternoon, we should be swimming with sea lions as Frigate birds fly above on San Cristóbal island during our Galapagos tour with G Adventures in celebration of Aracely’s 30th birthday.

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Julie says:

I’m anxious to hear how you enjoyed your trip. We’re debating between the multi-activity trip and the galapagos on a shoestring tour. Did you consider that trip?

We didn’t consider the shoestring tour, it wasn’t what we were interested in. On the shoestring tour you stay with families and do meals on your own. Many of the tours are also optional based on what you are willing to pay. We wanted the tour set and wanted to stay in hotels with others. We were looking for more of a stress free trip, where we didn’t have to plan too much. The Multi-Activity tour takes care of everything for you.

The dinning does get a bit boring on the multi-activity trip. We ate at the same restaurant several times, which was a little disappointing. Some also felt the variety of food was lacking too. It’s a very busy tour, and you may find yourself tired at the end, but you get to do a whole lot. I don’t think either of the tours take you to uninhabited islands, something the cruises definitely do. Since, we required a hotel each night, we stuck to inhabited islands only.

Alex says:

I can’t wait to read about this trip! Have an amazing time!

We can’t wait either. 20hrs left before our flight out of Miami.

Johan says:

Good info, thanks 😀

Daniel says:

Happy Birthday, Aracely — hope you and Jason enjoy your time in the Archipelago. I couldn’t think of a better place to spend a 30th birthday! Kathryn and I spent Christmas 2010 with G Adventures — I work on their Brand team — on the islands and were blown away. Snorkeling with sea lions, reef sharks, rays and a Galapagos shark. Enjoy, looking forward to hearing your impressions, as always!

Yes, we are very excited to experience this once in a lifetime trip with G Adventures. It’s going to be a blast. Hoping for good weather.

WOW now this is an awesome place to celebrate your 30th!

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