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Enjoying the beaches of South Beach Miami.

Jason Castellani and Aracely Santos Castellani completed their first long-term trip together as a couple in 2010.  After experiencing nirvana while traveling through most of Central and South America, they have now turned their attention to making their long-term dreams come true. Travel as much as possible.

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Travel Around the World documents the experiences of world travelers, Jason Castellani and Aracely Santos Castellani as they travel around the world sharing travel photos, travel tips and top travel destinations. Their passion for travel didn’t begin with a gap year of backpacking after a recent college graduation. This is the journey of a couple that finished college years ago and have since spent most of their time and efforts becoming successful corporate professionals. However, for them, a successful career is only a small part of their personal satisfaction; it does not define them as individuals. Jason and Aracely both find greater joy being outdoors, experimenting with food, marveling at architecture and exploring new cities all while continuing to learn about the world. They embark on this journey to follow their true passion.

These two couple travelers entertain and motivate you through travel photos, adventure video and live interaction on social networks as they visit destinations from around the world. The corporate world can be stressful and often demanding. Escape that stronghold for a few minutes each day and we will take you on a journey through the wonderful world of the Internet. And then, maybe someday, you will find yourself following your own passions in real life.

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