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Aracely Santos

A short bio about Aracely Santos.

Aracely’s Bio

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Aracely sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon USA

Aracely was born in the small town of Chone, Ecuador (in the province of Manabi) where she lived with her father and paternal grandparents until the age of seven.  On Friday, February 24, 1989 Aracely, her sister (Priscilla) and mother (Ramona) immigrated to the United States. Ramona and her young daughters left everything they’ve ever known behind in search for a new life and a better future.

The trio arrived at J.F Kennedy Airport in New York City where they were greeted by her maternal grandmother, her aunt and uncles who had been living in the states for several years now.  The entire family lived in a modest home in Dover, New Jersey.

Aracely moved around a lot as a child and attended various different schools during her primary education. She graduated high school from Warren Hills Regional H.S. in Washington, NJ.  Upon graduation she went on to obtain her A.A. at County College of Morris and then pursued her Bachelor’s in International Studies from Ramapo College of New Jersey.  Immediately after completing her B.A she continued her studies and graduated with a Master’s in International Affairs from New School University in New York City.

A few months before completing her B.A. at Ramapo College she obtained an internship position at Mercedes-Benz USA LLC (corporate headquarters, located in Montvale, NJ.)  She went on to work full-time at MB for 4.5 years where she held multiple positions in both a marketing and finance capacity. It was during this time that Aracely was groomed into a young professional and learned the valuable lessons that corporate America has to offer.  She then joined a Fortune 500 company in Manhattan as a Finance Manager within the Strategy and Planning group and led a team of analysts.

Aracely’s true passions include cultural studies, travel, working with youth, writing, photography, salsa dancing, cross fit and her younger brother Alex.

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