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Surf Fiji Islands

Josh Aggars of shares his experience trying to surf the big waves of the Fiji Islands. Flying into Fiji was a step into the unknown. After two months of surfing my way around New Zealand with my crew I was now heading out alone to confront waters that I had heard little about beyond […]

videos miami

Jet Ski Tour of Miami – Short Clip 4

The adrenaline was high and the scenery was incredible during our jet ski tour in Miami Beach, Florida. Biscayne Bay, Port of Miami and Fisher Island were our stops in this short Travel Video from Jason and Aracely of Enjoy the show! (more…)

Salar de Surire Chile

Road Trip: Northern Chile Altiplano

Entering Northern Chile from Peru will most likely lead you to the coastal town of Arica.  Check out our article on discovering Arica to find out what adventure lies there, but for this article we are jumping right into Northern Chile’s great Altiplano! (more…)

New York City Marathon

NYC Marathons

I attended my first NYC Marathon, while Aracely ran in her first NYC Marathon.   This was an amazing event to both participate in and be a spectator.  The race had over 45,000 starters, ranging from 18 years old to 87 years old. NYC Marathon Course The NYC Marathon is considered a difficult course, spanning […]

South Rim Kaibab Trail

Backpacking the Grand Canyon

We were looking for a challenging outdoor adventure, but we knew we didn’t exactly have the experience to do it safely on our own.  Once we decided on our destination, the Grand Canyon, we began researching guided hikes and camping. The Grand Canyon The Grand Canyon is a World Heritage Site which encompasses 1,218,375 acres […]

Dinosaur Footprints

Hiking With Condortrekkers In Sucre Bolivia

We joined a 3-day trek with Condortrekkers, a non-profit tour company based out of Sucre, Bolivia.  Our tour included walking on an Inca Trail, visiting the crater town of Maragua and seeing ancient fossilized dinosaur footprints. On day one we took a microbus from Sucre to a nearby small town where our group of 7 […]

Semuc Champey Caves

KanBa River Caves of Semuc Champey

Like our visit to Semuc Champey, we had no idea what we were getting into prior to leaving for our tour.  This point is echoed throughout most of our Guatemalan journeys.  The KanBa Caves are only a short walk from the metal bridge that spans Cahabón River. (more…)

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