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Backpacking travel stories and traveling tips for visiting Asia.

Trans-Siberian Railway

10 Best Stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Guest post from Masha of 2away. Trans-Siberian railway is one of the epic train journeys most of the travelers have very high on their bucket list. However, many of the people are going non-stop from Moscow to Irkutsk with a goal to cross over to Mongolia and later on to China as soon as possible. […]

India Travel - Cotigao National Park 1

India Travel – Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

While I spent most of my time in Goa sunning myself on the beach and drinking cold beers, I did manage to tear myself away and explore what else this hot and heavy Indian state had to offer.  One of my favourite things to do was jump on the back of Roscoe’s motorcycle and road […]

India travel

India Travel – Bundi Palace

Bundi is a small city, but boasts one of the most beautiful ancient palaces in India.  Bundi is still not common on the backpacking trail and I think that’s why I loved it so much.  Situated in North India in the state of Rajasthan, this picturesque spot was one of the many highlights during my […]

China Travel

Top Things To Do in Beijing China

I’ve lived in New Jersey most of my live and always within 45 minutes of New York City. My last residence in NJ was Hoboken, located just across the Hudson River. My morning runs always included the best views of “The City”, which is how we refer to it in those parts. Even after working […]

India Travel

India Travel – Khajuraho Erotic Temples

India travel has long been a favourite along the backpacking trail.  Especially when travelling with a partner, the erotic temples in Khajuraho are a must on any agenda to this fascinating country. India Travel As an Indian woman, these temples define to me everything that is unique about India, everything that is beautiful and erotic. […]

india tour

Faces of India in Pictures

Samuel Jeffery of Nomadic Samuel captures the faces of India through his lens. Before descending upon India, I had been backpacking continuously for nearly a year and a half. I was feeling particularly worn down both physically and mentally and the repetitive nature of constantly being on the move and seeing ‘yet’ another temple was […]

travel china

China Travel – Food, Transport and the Language Barrier

Having spent 2 months traveling in China, by the end of our trip we’d still only managed to pick up around 5 words: Hello = “Ni hao”, Thank you = “Xiexie”, Rice = “Mifan” and Vegetables = “Shucai”. This is simply the phonetically spelt words and we haven’t even included the accents that accompany them which […]

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