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Backpacking travel stories and traveling tips for visiting China.

China Travel

Top Things To Do in Beijing China

I’ve lived in New Jersey most of my live and always within 45 minutes of New York City. My last residence in NJ was Hoboken, located just across the Hudson River. My morning runs always included the best views of “The City”, which is how we refer to it in those parts. Even after working […]

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China Travel – Food, Transport and the Language Barrier

Having spent 2 months traveling in China,┬áby the end of our trip we’d still only managed to pick up around 5 words: Hello = “Ni hao”, Thank you = “Xiexie”, Rice = “Mifan” and Vegetables = “Shucai”. This is simply the phonetically spelt words and we haven’t even included the accents that accompany them which […]

Hong Kong Picture

Hong Kong in Pictures

Josh Aggars of flip flops city shares his experience and photos trying to navigate his way around the wonders of Hong Kong. Full of street food restaurants and market stalls. I arrived to Hong Kong, China groggy and tired after a 13 hour flight and had a wander around. The area was packed full of […]

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