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Thailand Travel

Travel Photo – Eating Strange Bugs in Thailand

As a tourist traveling in Thailand you will inevitably stumble upon a food market, and, in that food market will be some interesting bugs to eat. It won’t be on everyone’s bucket list, but you will find foreigners taunting their buddies to have a try. If eating strange bugs is on your bucket list, start […]


Travel Photo – Panda

This baby Panda is laying down resting in between meals. Pandas eat for 14 hrs a day. They are vegetarians, they move slowly, are usually friendly and always incredibly adorable.

Beijing China Temple

Travel Photo – Beijing Lama Temple

We are visiting Beijing, China for the first time and we are only here for one week. Naturally we’ve made it our mission to hit all the important landmarks of the city. This photo illustrates the amazing architecture of the 1600’s in the Lama Temple grounds.

Key West Sunset

Travel Photo – Key West Sunset

View more Key West sunset and sunrise photos It’s difficult to get a bad picture of a Key West Sunset or Sunrise, especially during the winter months when it’s rarely cloudy. This Key West travel photo was taken in March, during a weekend getaway to the Florida Keys.

Ecuador Travel

Travel Photo – A Chillin’ Galapagos Sea Lion Pup

Top List of Things To Do in Quito, Ecuador Sea Lions practically lay on top of each other every night on the beaches of San Cristobal Island in the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador. During the day, they retreat to the water, except for a few that brave the heat by finding some shade. This sea […]

Ecuador Travel

Travel Photo – Ecuador Empanadas

Top List of Things To Do in Quito, Ecuador During our tour of the Galapagos Islands, we were excited to come across a street food vendor making fresh empanadas. Empanadas are a food tradition present in most Latin American countries. Each country puts their twist on the fried dough snack, but Ecuador’s were always on […]

Ecuador Travel

Ecuador Travel – Giant Galapagos Tortoise

Top List of Things To Do in Quito, Ecuador During our Galapagos Islands tour, we definitely ended up #HangingWithTurtles. We actually hung with turtles and tortoises, the Giant Tortoises to be exact. Galapagos is home to the largest tortoises in the world and we got to see them in the wild in the highlands of […]

Travel Photos

Travel Photo – Sunset at Isla del Sol, Bolivia

The best of Bolivia After a full day of hiking from the north part of Isla del Sol island to the south, we took a rest at a restaurant with an amazing view of Lake Titicaca.  The hours passed and the sun began to hide behind the horizon.  The sunset slowly revealed some amazing colors […]

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