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My Response to: Why I might stop travel blogging

This post is in response to my early discussion about why I might stop travel blogging. The response via the comments was overwhelming and I want to summarize the main points I have taken away from everyone’s input. An update on what I have decided to do is also in order considering the interest the […]

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Why I might stop travel blogging

I bet the normal lifespan of a travel blog is probably 2-3 years. You begin blogging before you travel, you blog while traveling and you blog for a year after you return home, sharing all your accumulated travel content. Eventually you fall back into the life you had before you traveled, but hopefully with a […]

Make Money Blogging

Travel Blog Success is On Sale Now!

This sale has expired. I continually support Travel Blog Success as you can see from the banners on my site and the original post I wrote about How to Build a Travel Blog some time ago.  It seems like anyone that is preparing for an around the world trip is also beginning to build their travel […]

Build a Better Travel Blog

Travel Blog Success

Travel Blog How To has come a long way since it’s inception in June of 2009.  We didn’t succeed on our own, for this was a subject not very familiar to us initially.  We succeeded with the help of several travel bloggers and travel blogging resources, most notably, created by David Lee of […]

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How Bloggers Should Set Advertising Rates

Indie films, indie music and now indie bloggers.  That’s right, we are independent bloggers struggling to be discovered with very little resources.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t value your work or time.  This article will suggest a new internet advertising pricing structure for bloggers that better fits the business of online advertising for bloggers. […]

Travel Blog Guest Post

Send Your Travel Blog Guest Post

We are now open for business! is accepting your travel blog guest post related to travel, backpacking and budget independent travel.   If you have great travel pictures or travel videos you would like to share, please contact us. The Benefit We both benefit from guest posts.  The author gains exposure to a new, […]

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Can Blogging Pay For My Travel?

For those preparing to travel long-term, blogging is almost becoming an expected component of the trip.  Being a travel blogger myself, active on twitter, I see new people eagerly jumping into the travel blogger sphere every week.  Blogging while traveling offers many positives for your trip, but the ultimate question is, “Can a blog pay […]

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