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Backpacking travel stories and traveling tips for visiting Central America.

Costa Rica Travel

Costa Rica Travel – Discover Samara Beach

Samara Beach is located on the Nicoya Peninsula along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  The town is small with the main street leading straight to the beach.  Samara’s beach stretches for about 6 kilometers in length and 2 kilometers wide.  If you are looking for a long flat beach, Samara is the place. Costa […]

Volcano Boarding in Leon, Nicaragua

It had been a long travel day for us; we spent 9 hours on the road on six different buses and crossed two land borders.  Jason and I were relaxing over drinks at Big Foot Hostel Bar in Leon, Nicaragua when we noticed a sign that read, “Volcano Boarding Top Speeds.”  It had two lists […]

Laguna de Alegría in Volcano Tecapa

Lost in a Volcano Crater

While staying in Alegría, El Salvador it’s necessary to visit Laguna de Alegría, a green hot spring fed sulfur lake inside the crater of volcano Tecapa that exudes mysticism.  From Alegría’s town center you can easily walk 45 minutes in sandals along a cobblestone road or hire a guide to take you on a 2-hour […]

Fotos de El Salvador

Discover Flowers of Alegria El Salvador

Alegría is located in the Usulután department of El Salvador and can be considered one of the most beautiful small towns tourists will visit in the country.  If traveling to Alegría from San Salvador, expect 5 hours of traveling on various buses, but you can be assured you will be pleasantly rewarded.  Alegría is a […]

Large Maguey Plant

Santa Ana Volcano, El Salvador

Santa Ana was our second city we traveled to in El Salvador and it is also their second largest city.  As we arrived to the city, it was clear that buses handle most transportation.  The number of buses arriving and departing was staggering, and the exhaust pollution was just as bad.  I was eager to […]

Shoe Shining Boy

Hard Working Children of Guatemala

I have only traveled to a few Latin American countries prior to arriving in Guatemala twenty-one days ago.  In 2003 I spent ten days in Costa Rica, in 2004 seventeen days in Ecuador (my country of origin), in 2008 eight days in Dominican Republic and in March of this year Jason and I spent six […]

Unidentified Criter #1 found in our bathroom

Guatemala’s Travel by Numbers

Here is a few fun statistics of our first week of travels in Guatemala. Miles traveled: 250 miles Hours in a bus: 21 Number of hostels stayed in: 4—The hostels we’ve stayed in have been quite nice and comfortable.  El Portal in Semuc Champey was the most picturesque, but the walls of the bungalows are […]

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