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Archive | May, 2010

Photo of the Day: The Impressive Salinas Mara

Salinas Mara are pre-Inca Salt Mines located just 40KM outside of Cuzco. There are thousands of salt pools that collect salty water from a subterranean stream and letting the water evaporate in the sun. The salt is transported to the city of Cuzco for processing, packaging and distribution. During our visit we actually tasted the […]

Yampara Traditional Clothing

Sunday In The Tarabuco Market, Bolivia

How to spend your Sunday morning while visiting Sucre, Bolivia. In Tarabuco, Bolivia, Sunday begins bright and early, 4am early for the Yampara people who walk 4 to 6 hours up and over mountain ranges into town to participate in the weekly market. (more…)

Photo of the Day: River Valley

This photos was taken about 15-20 minutes before we reached Campamento Chileno on our 8th day of our Torres del Paine full circuit trek. After 8 days of trekking arriving at our campsite started to become a true treat. We actually only stopped at Camapamento Chileno for a rest and continued onto to Campamento Torres […]

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