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Archive | June, 2010

Spanish Plaza

Photo of the Day: Plaza In Arequipa Peru

We spent about a week and a half in Arequipa, Peru. It’s a comfortable city with great cheap food as well as great expensive food. One of our highlights during our visit to Arequipa was visiting the Colca Canyon which is one of the deepest in the world. Arequipa’s plaza is a great place to […]

Travel Colombia

Travel Photo of the Day: Magnificent Rock At Tayrona National Park

We just can’t stop talking about beaches during Colombia travel.  This is another travel photo that shows you why.  There were many other amazing looking rocks just like this one all around the Tayrona beaches.  If you ever find yourself in Colombia, be sure to visit Tayrona National Park.  We highly endorse Colombia travel.

Festival in Peru

Inti Raymi Festival In Cusco Peru

Inti Raymi Festival is the largest festival in Cusco and lasts one full week.  The festival takes place during South America’s winter solstice (June 24) and it is in honor of The Sun God which the Inca’s believed to be the most important God of all.  To be specific, the Inca’s actually worshiped the sun […]

Photo of the Day: Northern Argentina Landscape

This photo was taken during our 7-day drive through Northern Argentina. We rented a vehicle with the couple from Uncornered Market and literally drove to all the cities surrounding Salta, Argentina. The mountains covered the landscape from the town of Cachi to Cafayate. This is a region you don’t want to miss if you visiting […]

Fotos de Chile

Photo of the Day: Flamingos in Lake Chungara

During our 4-day excursion through northern Chile’s altiplano, we visited salt flats, small villages and lakes surrounded by mountains. Lake Chungara lies high on the altiplano near volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day, but the pink flamingos were still around. These flamingos aren’t comfortable around people and any time we got […]

Photo of the Day: Red Peppers Drying In The Salta Sun

During our drive through northern Argentina we stopped to get a closer look of some peppers drying in the sun on the mountains in the distance near Cachi. We were so intrigued by the bright red colors. The Salta province or region of Argentina has been a pleasant surprise to tour.

Bolivia weaving

Indigenous Weaving Art In Sucre Bolivia

On our second day in Sucre we visited the Museo de Arte Indigena or Museum of Indigenous Art.  The museum is part of a project to revive hand-woven crafts of Bolivia.  The exhibition provides a historical time line of the Candelaria, Potolo and Tarabuco styles of weaving.  There are ancient and current tools on display […]

Photo of the Day: Steel And Trees

This steel structure is located at the Miraflores Cliffs in Lima, Peru. The Cliffs are a landmark of Lima where various great restaurants have an amazing view of the shore below.

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