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Archive | August, 2010

Photo of the Day: Shining Shoes in Ecuador’s Plazas

Shining shoes in Ecuador’s cities is a common tradition that is still maintained today. While visiting Plaza de La Independencia in Quito, we appreciated the moment of these two older guys conversing as the shoes were shined. Unfortunately, you will also see young boys and girls shining shoes for money as well. Top List of […]

Grand Plaza

Ecuador Travel – Top Things To Do in Quito

Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and stands 2,800 m (9,186 ft) above sea level, making Quito the second-highest capital city in the world behind La Paz in Bolivia.  Its official, less popular name is San Francisco de Quito. Quito is most often visited for it’s proximity to the celebrated middle of the world, […]

Chile Mountains

Photo of the Day: Putre Chile Mountains

Read about our 3-day 4×4 road trip through Northern Chile’s Altiplano Putre is a Chilean town and commune, capital of the Parinacota Province in the Arica-Parinacota Region. It is located 130 km (78 miles) east of Arica, at an altitude of 3500 metres (11,400 feet). The town is backdropped by Taapaca volcanic complex. Putre is […]

Photo of the Day: Isla Del Sol, Lake Titicaca

Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun) is an island in the southern part of Lake Titicaca.  It is part of the modern Plurinational State of Bolivia.  Geographically, the terrain is harsh; it is a rocky, hilly island.  There are no motor vehicles or paved roads on the island.  The main economic activity of the […]

Photo of the Day: Finca El Paraiso Hot Spring Waterfall

Finca del Paraiso is a small remote park where a hot spring waterfall fills a pool of cold water. You can access the park in Guatemala by taking a 1 hour ride in a collectivo (shuttle bus) from Rio Dulce inland. It’s a wonderful day trip to explore the waterfall and nearby caves. Watch our […]


Photo of the Day: Antigua, Guatemala

La Antigua Guatemala (commonly referred to as just Antigua or La Antigua) is a city in the central highlands of Guatemala famous for its well-preserved Spanish Mudéjar-influenced Baroque architecture as well as a number of spectacular ruins of colonial churches. It has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. – Wikipedia

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