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Archive | December, 2010

Pictures of the Beach

Photo of the Day: Nags Head Beach North Carolina

Visiting Nags Head, North Carolina any time of year has it’s advantages. Even during the winter, the sky can be perfectly clear for a walk along the water in a brisk cool wind. This photo was taken during our visit to our Grandparents in Nags Head during the cool season.

Things to do in NYC

The Best Things to do for Free in New York City

The Big Apple, the city that never sleeps and where anything is possible – including having a great time on a budget. Free Things To Do in NYC Backpacking in a big city can be pricey, especially in a prosperous country such as America.  But it is possible to find cheap accommodation in New York […]

Titicaca Lake

Photo of the Day: Cerro Calvario, Copacabana

Copacabana is the main Bolivian town on the shore of Lake Titicaca, from where boats leave for Isla del Sol, the sacred Inca island. The town has a large 16th-century shrine, the Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana. Our Lady of Copacabana is the patron saint of Bolivia. The town is a destination for tourism […]

Spanish Language in the USA

Miami the Big Havanna

After 11 of months of traveling in Latin America, I felt a considerable amount of stress relief coming back to the United States, my home.  I always seek my comfort zone for relaxation, peace and ease of life.  That’s absolutely a contradiction to the fact that I do seek out travel, adventure and off the […]

Times Square Pictures

Travel Photo of the Day: Christmas in NYC Times Square

Just when you didn’t think Times Square could get any brighter, New York City lights up during the holiday season.  Rising up from the subway entrance in Times Square, Target Stores advertise in shinning red and white.  We took that color scheme and spread it throughout this picture of Times Square NYC.  Enjoy the Holidays […]

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