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Archive | May, 2011


Our Mango Tree

How cool is it that we have a big mango tree in our backyard?  It’s very cool to us.  Living in New Jersey our entire lives, mangos were the epitome of a tropical fruit.  Wherever they came from, it was surely far away from New Jersey. (more…)

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day in the northeast United States is the unofficial opening day of the beach. For me specifically, it was always the first Jersey Shore weekend in Wildwood. I was in high school, and Wildwood was cool then, maybe not as much now. (more…)

Personal Writing

Coming Soon… More Writing From Us

It’s been a while since Aracely or I have actually written a post. We have released photo essays and more videos, finally, but the writing thing never suited us well. This is quite the contradiction for us considering we call ourselves travel bloggers. (more…)

travel video

Volcano El Hoyo Trek in León – Travel Video Ep. 16

Watch More Adventure Travel Videos While visiting León, Nicaragua we decide to visit the Los Maribios volcano chain again for another HD adventure travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani.  In travel video episode #16, WE booked a 2-day hike with Quetzaltrekkers to the mysterious El Hoyo, the “Hole.” The trek includes another […]

Hong Kong Picture

Hong Kong in Pictures

Josh Aggars of flip flops city shares his experience and photos trying to navigate his way around the wonders of Hong Kong. Full of street food restaurants and market stalls. I arrived to Hong Kong, China groggy and tired after a 13 hour flight and had a wander around. The area was packed full of […]

Miami Beach

Impressions of Miami

Impression provided by Lachlan Wittick. Interstate toll collectors wear loose fitting tropical shirts on approach into Miami. Baseball caps are pressed over their bulbous glasses, covering faces etched into permanent frowns. (more…)

travel video

Volcano Boarding in León – Travel Video Ep. 15

Watch More Adventure Travel Videos Take a wild volcano boarding ride through an HD adventure travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani, while visiting León, Nicaragua.  In travel video episode #15, we put our adventure face on and surf down the black gravel rocks of Cerro Negro, maybe not the best idea. Enjoy […]

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