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Archive | June, 2011

Mountain Pictures

Photo of the Day: Valle de Frances Patagonia

During our Full Circuit Trek at Torres del Paine Patagonia, Chile, we hiked off path for an hour to the top of Valle de Frances. Valle de Frances is the middle leg of what forms the “W.” If you can endure it, there is a hidden trail that continues to lead up the mountain past […]


Edinburgh in Pictures

Luis Cicerone of Las Aventuras del Cicerone shows us Edinburgh through his lens. They call it the “Athens of the North” for a reason. For centuries Edinburgh, (pronounced Edin-bra), has been one of the most prominent hotspots for the arts, culture, literature and enlightment in Britain and Europe. Edinburgh – Athens of the North For […]

pictures of india

5 Unexpected Benefits of Traveling in India

Drew Gilbert shares his experience as a traveler in India. There are a lot of great reasons to visit India. The country is vast, creating varying climates, topography, vegetation, even cultures, as you travel throughout the seventh largest country in the world. I can think of five reasons traveling through India will actually improve your […]

Travel to Mongolia

How To Live Like a Nomad in Mongolia

Megan of On My Way RTW shares her experience as a nomad in a Ger Camp. Spending three weeks in the Mongolian countryside I was able to experience a little of what life is like for nomadic herders in Mongolia. Tourism in the country has begun to take off, but it is only a lucky few that benefit. […]

Saving for RTW

How to Travel Long-Term & Pay Off Debt

Scott and Christy, a couple of surfers from Ordinary Traveler share some finance travel tips. We have been paying off student loans for a few years (or shall I say my other half has been paying off expensive loans from helicopter pilot school and college) and we have decided not to put off traveling until […]

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