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Archive | August, 2011

Sailing to Panama

Sailing to Colombia on a Backpackers Budget

Sailing to Colombia from Panama was one of the more exciting things we did while traveling in Central and South America. Leading up to that decision, we had a difficult time finding information on the Internet about specific boats and their captains. On the hostel sites that do book these trips, they only list the […]

Arches National Park

Photo of the Day – North Window – Arches National Park Utah

Jonathan is a regular contributor for For more information or to sign up for his newsletter visit The area around Arches National Park Utah up until about 700 years ago was home to the Freemont and the Ancient Pueblo people. The park is known for its wide open spaces, spectacular views and over […]

Sydney Travel Tips

Top Tips for Backpackers in Sydney

If you’re travelling around Australia it’s likely that you’ll end up in Sydney, the country’s unofficial capital, at some point – in fact, you will most likely be flying into the city. And if Sydney isn’t featured on your itinerary, it should be! You will always find backpackers in Sydney. Don’t miss out on enjoying […]

Machu Picchu Flora

Flowers of Machu Picchu

During our Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu we encountered some of the most beautiful flora we have seen during all our travels in South America. Many of the flowers are orchids, since Peru has thousands of species of them. Plants and Flowers of Machu Picchu I did my best to look up all the flora […]

World Pollution

Photo of the Day: Santiago Chile Smog

Santiago Chile is the captial and largest city in Chile. Located in the center of the vast country, it’s also known for it’s smog. Thermal inversion (a meteorological phenomenon whereby a stable layer of warm air holds down colder air close to the ground) causes high levels of smog and air pollution to be trapped […]

Beach Pictures

Photo of the Day – Skeleton of an Old Sunken Boat on the Beach

Jonathan is a regular contributor for For more information or to sign up for his newsletter visit The skeleton of and old boat on the beach lies abandoned and deteriorating near the Mexican fishing village of Xcalak. Xcalak, population 400 is the most southern village on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, near the border of […]

How to Take Good Photos

How To Take Good Pictures

We place a considerable amount of focus on travel photos during our travels, but have never taken a photography class, read a photography book or spent significant time with a professional photographer. So, how did we learn to take good pictures? We were handed a copy of Bethany Salvon’s latest photo ebook – Getting Out […]

Glaciers National Park

Travel Photo of the Day: Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciers National Park

One of the greatest glaciers we visited in Patagonia was Perito Moreno Glacier in Glaciers National Park near El Calafate, Argentina.  Boats allow you to get up close and gain a better perspective of the glacier’s size and structure.  Large crevasses reach deep into the ice field, but continually fall off as the glacier slowly slides.  The […]

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