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Archive | November, 2011

travel photo

Travel Photo – Great Wall of China

In her first guest post for, Unisse of Little Girl Travels, shares her trip to China with us in this travel photo of the day. Having gone to a Filipino-Chinese school, I have had history lessons about China and the ever famous Great Wall of China. However, history doesn’t tell you how hard it […]


My Response to: Why I might stop travel blogging

This post is in response to my early discussion about why I might stop travel blogging. The response via the comments was overwhelming and I want to summarize the main points I have taken away from everyone’s input. An update on what I have decided to do is also in order considering the interest the […]

travel photo

Travel Photo – Tzotzil Chamulan Worship Service in Mexico

Jonathan is a regular contributor for For more information or to sign up for his newsletter visit Recently the Indigenous Tzotzil people in the villages surrounding San Cristobal de las Casis, Chiapas, Mexico expelled the Catholic priests from their churches and now practice a religion that is a mixture of pagan ritual and […]

Things to do in San Francisco

Travel Photo – Locked up in Alcatraz

While traveling in San Francisco, visiting my buddy Samit, we did many of the “Things to do in San Francisco.”  That included a visit to Alcatraz Island, home of notorious criminals Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud (the Birdman of Alcatraz), George “Machine Gun” Kelly and James “Whitey” Bulger. The cells are staged to take you […]

Fleet Week

Shocking Fleet Week Photos from San Francisco – Part 1

I am not exaggerating when I claim to have shocking photos from Fleet Week in San Francisco. We felt the shockwave as a Navy F-18 Super Hornet flew over the San Francisco Bay reaching speeds of mach 1, breaking the sound barrier. Fleet Week San Francisco 2011 It was the best weather we could have […]

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