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Archive | February, 2012

Ecuador Travel

Travel Photo – Galapagos Green Sea Turtle

Top List of Things To Do in Quito, Ecuador During our Galapagos tour, we had hoped we would be #HangingWithTurtles, and guess what? We are! On our second day in San Cristobal island, we our snorkeling with Hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, manta rays, sea lions and Galapagos Green Sea Turtles. The Galapagos Islands provide an […]

Things to do in NYC

Best Things to do in NYC

Friends often ask us what they should do while visiting NYC. There are tons of “things to do in NYC” lists, so this list is for those that constantly ask for our opinion. The truth is, there are an unlimited number of things you can do in the greatest city in the world.   Much […]

Ecuador Travel

Travel Photo – Quito, Ecuador

Top List of Things To Do in Quito, Ecuador During our first day back in Quito, Ecuador as part of our Galapagos Tour, we visited the Virgin del Panecillo atop one of the hills splitting Quito. This view towards the Old City shows how crowded the concrete buildings are in the Old Town. Ecuador travel […]

Travel Guest Posts

Introducing Travel Writer Kiri Bowers

Kiri Bowers joins 2 Backpackers as a regular weekly contributor.  Look for her travel writing and photography both on and  We welcome her to the team and look forward to reading about her travel experiences from around the world. Kiri Bowers created her site Travel Bumpkin out of a passion for escapism and discovery.  After […]

Gap Year

Packing for Gap Year Travel vs Vacation

Our first gap year travel included backpacking in Central and South America between 2009 and 2010. We had no clue how to prepare for long-term travel or what to pack for a gap year. Now, our travel style is geared towards vacations or working holidays. Preparing for the two is completely different as you can […]

Galapagos Tours

Choosing the Best Galapagos Tours

Choosing from the hundreds of Galapagos tours doesn’t sound like an easy choice, but it actually wasn’t too hard for Aracely and I. As someone that’s active on the web, always reading others’ experiences while touring the world, I sort of knew who the best tour operators for the Galapagos were. Galapagos Travel This trip […]

England Travel

England Travel or England My Home?

In this travel guest post for, Jimmy McIntyre of Strange Lands, shares his awkward experience coming back home to Newcastle, England after traveling long term. Returning Home I sat and watched the houses pass by – familiar yet different. The people getting on and off all had faces I’m sure I once knew. The […]

Galapagos Travel

Galapagos Islands… Here we come!

It’s official, we are traveling to the Galapagos Islands for the first time in our lives. This is a significant trip for us because Aracely has always dreamed of visiting the Galapagos Islands, but we had great trepidation in doing so when we spent over a month in Ecuador back in 2010. We both have […]

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