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Archive | April, 2012

Bali Holidays

Travel Photo – A Bali Holiday… Someday

When you think of a beautiful beach honeymoon, Bali often comes to mind. Aracely and I never really had a proper honeymoon, so trips to places like this are always on our minds. Aracely will bring up the fact, “But, we didn’t really have a proper honeymoon.” Someday we will enjoy Bali holidays. Our 10yr […]

Asia Travel

Asia Travel – Angkor Wat in Cambodia

When you think of Asia travel, you think Angkor Wat. There are very few people that visit Cambodia without paying a visit to this World Heritage Site. Asia Travel I had often been transfixed by stunning images of these temples and was determined to explore them myself. Like many things, however, when a dream  is realised, […]

Las Vegas Travel

Travel Photo – Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas

Las Vegas travel is always good to us. One might think that after you get married, Vegas doesn’t have the same appeal. We would disagree. It’s not just about hotels and casinos. We love Las Vegas for many reasons, including the adventure the area offers. Hiking, biking and rock climbing can all be done in […]

China Travel

Travel Photo – Beijing China Colors and Architecture

We recently visited Asia for the very first time during our visit to Beijing, China. Our only disappointment was that we didn’t have time to explore more of Asia. Many of the travelers we met in the hostels were doing the typical Asia backpacker trail, which included Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing. Next time […]

Australia Travel

Travel Photo – Byron Bay Australia

Guess where we haven’t traveled to yet? Australia.  Yup, still haven’t made it to the great Gold Coast or any type of Australia travel. Byron Bay is a popular stop for backpackers exploring the Australian coast, but yet, these 2 Backpackers haven’t made the trip yet. It’s not a cheap country, so maybe a hostel […]

China Travel

Top Things To Do in Beijing China

I’ve lived in New Jersey most of my live and always within 45 minutes of New York City. My last residence in NJ was Hoboken, located just across the Hudson River. My morning runs always included the best views of “The City”, which is how we refer to it in those parts. Even after working […]

Thailand Travel

Travel Photo – Eating Strange Bugs in Thailand

As a tourist traveling in Thailand you will inevitably stumble upon a food market, and, in that food market will be some interesting bugs to eat. It won’t be on everyone’s bucket list, but you will find foreigners taunting their buddies to have a try. If eating strange bugs is on your bucket list, start […]

The Great Wall of China

Travel Photo – The Great Wall of China

View of The Great Wall of China from Mutianyu on a warm March day during our visit to Beijing, China.  The Great Wall is only 1.5 hours away from Beijing, so be sure to visit this incredible Unesco World Heritage Site.  I still can’t imagine how they built this wall over the peaks of these […]

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