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Archive | July, 2012


South America Travel – Llama, Alpaca, ‪Vicuña‬, Oh My!

There is this feeling you get when you travel… of being completely and totally clueless. You don’t have home state advantage. The common knowledge, the common language – everything changes. Suddenly every 5 year old is “smarter” than you. Imagine you met someone who didn’t know the difference between a horse and a cow or […]

UK Travel

UK Travel – Visit Wales

My memories of Wales are pretty stereotypical. They involve bracing country walks, lots of sheep and a cosy farmhouse. I must have been around six or seven… These images float through my mind when I remember visiting this part of the UK. Wales is famous for many things, a mind boggling language with some of […]

Peru Travel

Peru Travel – The Mysterious Nazca Lines

The town of Nazca, located on a high, desert plateau about 7 hours from Lima doesn’t have a lot going for it. There is a good chance it would be completely overlooked by Peru travel tourists and backpackers if it wasn’t for the famous Nazca Lines nearby and the other archaeological sites that accompany them. […]


Australia Travel – Bondi Beach

Made famous by the tv show Bondi Rescue, Bondi Beach is one of the top things to see when exploring Australia travel.  I wanted to head down there to see what all the fuss was about and prove that not all tourists are destined to be crappy swimmers and in need of rescue.  Getting to […]

colombia travel

Colombia Travel – Adventures in San Gil

When you tell people back home that you are going to Colombia the reaction is almost always, “Really?! But it’s so dangerous there!” Once you’re here you realize it’s actually far from the drug and crime filled images that are portrayed in the media. Colombia, in general, is a peaceful country filled with beautiful natural […]

Chelsea Schmidt

Introducing Travel Writer Chelsea Schmidt

Chelsea Schmidt joins 2 Backpackers as a regular weekly contributor.  We welcome her to the team and look forward to reading about her travel experiences from around the world. Chelsea is just a small town girl who had her heart set on seeing the world. Besides quick family trips across the border to Mexico (back […]

Trans-Siberian Railway

10 Best Stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Guest post from Masha of 2away. Trans-Siberian railway is one of the epic train journeys most of the travelers have very high on their bucket list. However, many of the people are going non-stop from Moscow to Irkutsk with a goal to cross over to Mongolia and later on to China as soon as possible. […]

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