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Archive | July, 2012

Mexico Travel Photo

Travel Photo – Cascada El Chiflón in Chiapas, Mexico

Cascada El Chiflón in Chiapas is one of the highest and most powerful waterfalls in Mexico. From the top, bright teal water cascades almost 400 feet into a series of calm pools that run for almost a mile and are perfect for relaxing by or swimming in on hot tropical days.

Argentina Travel

Argentina Travel – Parque de la Memoria, Buenos Aires

There are so many “must see” sights on an Argentina travel list. Everyone goes hoping to see some tango, eat a good steak, and maybe stop by the Obelisk. Buenos Aires is a gorgeous city and you definitely don’t want to miss the city’s sites, but what do you real know about Argentina, besides the […]

India Travel - Cotigao National Park 1

India Travel – Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa

While I spent most of my time in Goa sunning myself on the beach and drinking cold beers, I did manage to tear myself away and explore what else this hot and heavy Indian state had to offer.  One of my favourite things to do was jump on the back of Roscoe’s motorcycle and road […]

Bolivia Travel

Bolivia Travel – Dealing with Altitude Sickness

By far the most incredible place I have every been – Southwestern Bolivia. I know, I know… that’s a pretty big statement, but it is true. This Mars like desert landscape is simply unbelievable. My boyfriend and I did a 4-day tour of the area and had literally almost a thousand pictures by the end […]

Grand Canyon Pictures

Travel Photo – Hiking The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was the first adventure trip Aracely and I ever took together. Not only did we want to visit the Grand Canyon, we wanted to hike to the bottom and back out. The backpacking was definitely going to be a challenge, but so was the fact that this was going to be our […]

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