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Backpacking travel stories and traveling tips for visiting Europe.

Latin America Travel

Latin America Travel – Finding Don Quixote

Have you ever reached that point of traveling where everything starts to look the same? Same city landscape, same South American food, same language, same music, etc. It’s a common backpacker issue – travel burnout. You start acting like one of those package-tourists. You come, you snap a photo of the “important” site, and you […]

UK Travel

UK Travel – Visit Wales

My memories of Wales are pretty stereotypical. They involve bracing country walks, lots of sheep and a cosy farmhouse. I must have been around six or seven… These images float through my mind when I remember visiting this part of the UK. Wales is famous for many things, a mind boggling language with some of […]

England Travel

England Travel or England My Home?

In this travel guest post for, Jimmy McIntyre of Strange Lands, shares his awkward experience coming back home to Newcastle, England after traveling long term. Returning Home I sat and watched the houses pass by – familiar yet different. The people getting on and off all had faces I’m sure I once knew. The […]

pictures of barcelona

Pictures of Barcelona by Night: A Walk around the Gothic Quarter

Luis Cicerone of shares his pictures of Barcelona during a night stroll. A night walk around Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter or Barrio Gótico is a must for every visitor eager to experience a part of the soul of a city packed with architectural wonders, cultural gems, sunny beaches and exciting nightlife. I tend to think every […]

Travel London

Travel in London – Soho District

London Travel We decided to travel to London for the first time as a couple. I had once been here on business, but this time was hoping to see more than the changing of the Royal Guard. After landing at London Heathrow airport we arrived to our hotel around 1pm in the afternoon. Still tired […]

Music Festivals

Glastonbury Festival Pictures

Josh Aggars of flip flops city shares his experience and photos of the magic and wonder that is the Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury Music and Arts Festival The Glastonbury Festival is like no other music festival on Earth. It is the biggest and best in the UK, a self-policed world where you forget about regular life for a few […]


Edinburgh in Pictures

Luis Cicerone of Las Aventuras del Cicerone shows us Edinburgh through his lens. They call it the “Athens of the North” for a reason. For centuries Edinburgh, (pronounced Edin-bra), has been one of the most prominent hotspots for the arts, culture, literature and enlightment in Britain and Europe. Edinburgh – Athens of the North For […]

Berlin Pictures

7 Things To Do in Berlin for Under 10 Euros

Reichstag Building, Berlin by rs-foto, on Flickr Even on a backpacker’s budget there’s plenty to see and do in Berlin. Here’s our guide to seven great things to do in Berlin for less than €10 Euros, perfect for those travelling on a shoestring. (more…)

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