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Photo essays from around the world travel experiences by the 2 Backpackers travel community.

Philadelphia Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies vs Florida Marlins at Sun Life Stadium, Miami

It’s the last time the Philadelphia Phillies will ever play baseball at Sun Life Stadium in the greater Miami area of Florida.  The Florida Marlins are having a new stadium built in Miami that will be ready for the 2012 baseball season.  As a die-hard Philadelphia Phillies fan, I figured I should take this opportunity […]

india tour

Faces of India in Pictures

Samuel Jeffery of Nomadic Samuel captures the faces of India through his lens. Before descending upon India, I had been backpacking continuously for nearly a year and a half. I was feeling particularly worn down both physically and mentally and the repetitive nature of constantly being on the move and seeing ‘yet’ another temple was […]

Machu Picchu Flora

Flowers of Machu Picchu

During our Salkantay trek to Machu Picchu we encountered some of the most beautiful flora we have seen during all our travels in South America. Many of the flowers are orchids, since Peru has thousands of species of them. Plants and Flowers of Machu Picchu I did my best to look up all the flora […]

Florida Keys Sunset

Key West Sunrise and Sunset Pictures

The Florida Keys exude clear blue green waters, coral reef islands, old sails, pirate stories and spectacular sunrise and sunset ceremonies. The most popular location for watching a sunset in Key West Florida is Mallory Square.  It’s also crowded every evening for the show.  So we bring you some sunset and sunrise photos from Key […]


Things To Do in El Yunque National Forest

A visit to Puerto Rico should include a tour of El Yunque National Forest, the only rainforest in the U.S. National Forest system. The forest boasts an abundance of native plants, trees and animals, many of which can only be found here. The tiny rainforest is located on the eastern part of Puerto Rico and enjoys […]

travel china

China Travel – Food, Transport and the Language Barrier

Having spent 2 months traveling in China, by the end of our trip we’d still only managed to pick up around 5 words: Hello = “Ni hao”, Thank you = “Xiexie”, Rice = “Mifan” and Vegetables = “Shucai”. This is simply the phonetically spelt words and we haven’t even included the accents that accompany them which […]

Music Festivals

Glastonbury Festival Pictures

Josh Aggars of flip flops city shares his experience and photos of the magic and wonder that is the Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury Music and Arts Festival The Glastonbury Festival is like no other music festival on Earth. It is the biggest and best in the UK, a self-policed world where you forget about regular life for a few […]

Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore in Pictures

Seaside Heights is a a popular beach town with an amusement-oriented 2 mile plus boardwalk, and numerous clubs and bars, making it a fun party and family atmosphere. The town is also famous for being the location of the hit MTV show “Jersey Shore“. – Wikipedia (more…)

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