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Reflections and intimate travel experiences from the 2 Backpackers travel community.

Personal Writing

Coming Soon… More Writing From Us

It’s been a while since Aracely or I have actually written a post. We have released photo essays and more videos, finally, but the writing thing never suited us well. This is quite the contradiction for us considering we call ourselves travel bloggers. (more…)

San Antonio Texas

Leaving for San Antonio, Texas

Back on the Road! Aracely and I will be visiting San Antonio this weekend from Thursday, March 3rd through Sunday, March 7th, in celebration of the 175th anniversary of The Alamo.   As part of a press tour group, we will be snapping lots of photos, writing about our experiences and being whisked away to […]


Where to Travel Before the World Ends?

Apocalypse All signs are pointing to the world ending on December 21, 2012, or at least according to the Mayan Calendar, I Ching, and Nostradamus.  Birds and fish dying in mass, flash floods in Australia, severe drought and the hottest Summer on record aren’t helping subdue our fears either.  So what better way to react […]

Spanish Language in the USA

Miami the Big Havanna

After 11 of months of traveling in Latin America, I felt a considerable amount of stress relief coming back to the United States, my home.  I always seek my comfort zone for relaxation, peace and ease of life.  That’s absolutely a contradiction to the fact that I do seek out travel, adventure and off the […]

Current Events in America

Returning Home Culture Shock?

Since we have returned home the question most often asked of us is, “Do you have culture shock?”  In a close second place is, “What are you going to do now?”  I will address the first one in this article. “Shock” is an extreme word and feels like an exaggeration to me.  The phrase “Shock […]

Packing and selling our stuff

Preparing to Travel To-Do List

Preparing to travel, regardless of travel style, can be a stressful task.  We weren’t able to sleep; awake until 3:00am thinking about all that remained to be done on our travel plan for our backpacking trip. When you live in the United States, traveling to another country typically means you have a long trip overseas.  […]

Hikers Leaving Hoboken NJ

What’s Next For Two Backpackers

It all began as a casual conversation during lunch in a restaurant in NYC in March of 2009.   Five months later we set off on a year long round the world travel backpacking journey.  Now, we are back home in New Jersey trying to figure out what’s next for Two Backpackers. Flexibility What we learned […]

Latin America Banks

Budget Travel: The Good, Bad, And The Ugly

It seems all of us in the travel blogging community agree that travel is good.  The majority of posts that are produced within the industry are intended to  either sell the reader on the idea that travel is one of the most amazing activities one can partake-in and that they too should travel, or momentarily […]

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