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Reflections and intimate travel experiences from the 2 Backpackers travel community.

Volcano El Hoyo Trek Campsite in Nicaragua

10 Things We Miss While Traveling

It’s been just 3 three months since we began our round the world journey and we now find ourselves ecstatic over the idea of a hot shower.  That leads me to write a follow-up to the original post of “What Will I Miss” written by Aracely before we began our trip.  This list excludes family […]

Shoe Shining Boy

Hard Working Children of Guatemala

I have only traveled to a few Latin American countries prior to arriving in Guatemala twenty-one days ago.  In 2003 I spent ten days in Costa Rica, in 2004 seventeen days in Ecuador (my country of origin), in 2008 eight days in Dominican Republic and in March of this year Jason and I spent six […]

Climbing the Rockies in Colorado

Decision To Travel

Aracely and I have always preferred living in urban areas or cities.  The city offers easily accessible grocery stores, restaurants, bars, parks, museums, the arts and public transportation all within walking distance.  These are the things we enjoy and where we have spent our money over the last 3 years.  We have sacrificed the size […]

Uncle Jason, Aracely and the Boys

My Typical Vacation

I am trying to imagine the radical contrasts that will exist between these last 4 days vacationing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and our backpacking journey. We ate like kings, we slept like kings and we were chauffeured around like kings. It might not seem that way today, but after a month in Guatemala, it […]

Colleagues at Mercedes-Benz USA

My Last Week of Work

One week left for maintaining employment in the United States.  It is shocking and uneasy to say at the same time.  I feel like my entire adult life has been heavily focused on improving my career, making more money and being able to invest in my future and myself.  The thought of not having a […]

Working in New York City

I am a Corporate America Dropout

It’s Official Yesterday, I told my boss of my plans to drop out of the rat race and go travel the world.  Okay, so those were not my exact words, the point is, my decision is final, there’s no going back.  I’m on my way to a completely different lifestyle. (more…)

Things We Miss Traveling

What Will I Miss While Traveling?

As we prepare for our journey, I can’t help but imagine us already there; backpacking our way from country to country and loving it all.  Time is flying by and The Day will be here sooner than we realize.  I am usually a reflective gal, but events like these (I never had an event like […]

Hang Gliding in Middletown, NY

Are We Really Doing This?

How many times have you had conversations about doing something crazy, adventurous, new, exciting, or different?  How often do you actually follow through, satisfy that urge or as they say, ‘scratch the itch’?  How often do you instead, forget that conversation and just carry on with daily life? What if one day, after one of […]

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