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Backpacking travel stories and traveling tips for visiting Southeast Asia.

Laos Travel

Laos Travel – Buddha Park, Vientiane

Laos is a country firmly set on the Southeast Asia backpacker trail.  Vientiane, the capital city, is fully deserving of this status for its beauty and its diverse range of things to see and do during Laos travel. Laos Travel My partner and I had heard about Buddha Park on the outskirts of town (about 25km away) […]


How to Travel the Perhentian Islands

Jade Johnston of, shares her tips on travelling to the Perhentian Islands in Malaysia in this travel guest post for Despite over five years of travel, and over thirty countries visited in that time, the Perhentian Islands marked two of my travel firsts. My first time travelling solo properly, and my first proper […]

travel cambodia

The Children of Angkor, Cambodia

Joe Owens of A Couple Vagabonds shares photos of children he and his girlfriend met when traveling to Angkor, Cambodia. Travel Cambodia The Angkor region of Cambodia, near Siem Reap, is home to the incredible Angkor Wat temple. The area is best known for Angkor Wat, but there are literally hundreds of other temples and […]


Surf Fiji Islands

Josh Aggars of shares his experience trying to surf the big waves of the Fiji Islands. Flying into Fiji was a step into the unknown. After two months of surfing my way around New Zealand with my crew I was now heading out alone to confront waters that I had heard little about beyond […]

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