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Escaping in Death Valley (Valle de la Muerte) near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Travel Photo – Escaping in Valle de la Muerte, Chile

One of the many tours and sightseeing that can be done from the adventure base town of San Pedro de Atacama. You can really escape in Death Valley. This amazing lanscape with the backrop of a big storm coming, reminds me how far from a sprawling urban development we really were.


South America Travel – Llama, Alpaca, ‪Vicuña‬, Oh My!

There is this feeling you get when you travel… of being completely and totally clueless. You don’t have home state advantage. The common knowledge, the common language – everything changes. Suddenly every 5 year old is “smarter” than you. Imagine you met someone who didn’t know the difference between a horse and a cow or […]

Torres Del Paine

Hiking in Patagonia – Torres del Paine Part 1

Patagonia travel triggers visions and feelings of extreme adventure for trekkers around the world.  You’ve seen the pictures on-line and you’ve heard stories about the unpredictable weather, vast glaciers, snow capped Andes mountains and the dramatic reward of hiking in Patagonia.  Are you ready to hike one of the most renowned treks in the world? […]

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