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Ecuador Travel

Travel Photo – Ecuador Empanadas

Top List of Things To Do in Quito, Ecuador During our tour of the Galapagos Islands, we were excited to come across a street food vendor making fresh empanadas. Empanadas are a food tradition present in most Latin American countries. Each country puts their twist on the fried dough snack, but Ecuador’s were always on […]

San Francisco Travel

San Francisco – Food, Drink and Fleet Week

It’s been an exciting first few days in San Francisco, California.  My best friend, Samit, lives in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, which is an ideal location for a 15 minute walk down to the bay where the San Francisco Fleet Week Air Show takes place.  Peering through the streets of Victorian mansions you are rewarded with […]

travel china

China Travel – Food, Transport and the Language Barrier

Having spent 2 months traveling in China, by the end of our trip we’d still only managed to pick up around 5 words: Hello = “Ni hao”, Thank you = “Xiexie”, Rice = “Mifan” and Vegetables = “Shucai”. This is simply the phonetically spelt words and we haven’t even included the accents that accompany them which […]

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