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Granada Nicaragua Las Isletas – Travel Video Ep. 20

Watch More Adventure Travel Videos Enjoy a boat tour of millionaire homes on Lake Nicaragua through an HD adventure travel video from 2 Backpackers, Jason and Aracely Castellani, while visiting Granada, Nicaragua.  In travel video episode #20, we tour Las Isletas and Monkey Island on Lake Nicaragua. Enjoy the show! Nicaragua Travel – Granada Granada’s […]


Advertising Latin Style – Travel Video Clip 6

Watch More Adventure Travel Videos After traveling throughout Central America and South America, we have experienced our share of unique cultural norms in Latin America, one of which includes putting home speakers on your car and advertising loudly through the streets. This wasn’t an occasional site, it was a frequent site, often advertising for events, […]

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Travel Photo of the Day: Church of Guadalupe in Granada, Nicaragua

The Church of Guadalupe was founded in 1624-1626 by Benito de Baltodano monk. It is situated in the Calzada street (Calle la Calzada) near Nicaragua Lake. During Colonial times the church was very important because of its strategic position situated at the entrance of the town from the lake. However, this made it vulnerable and […]

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