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thailand travel

Thailand Travel – Full Moon Party

Thailand travel has become synonymous with Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party. No matter what age you are, or type of backpacker, this party has to be experienced at least once in your lifetime.  I have seven Full Moon parties under my belt. Some were spent writhing around in the crowds growing massive calves from attempting the hard […]

Galapagos Tours

Choosing the Best Galapagos Tours

Choosing from the hundreds of Galapagos tours doesn’t sound like an easy choice, but it actually wasn’t too hard for Aracely and I. As someone that’s active on the web, always reading others’ experiences while touring the world, I sort of knew who the best tour operators for the Galapagos were. Galapagos Travel This trip […]

Travel Photos

Travel Photo – Sunset at Isla del Sol, Bolivia

The best of Bolivia After a full day of hiking from the north part of Isla del Sol island to the south, we took a rest at a restaurant with an amazing view of Lake Titicaca.  The hours passed and the sun began to hide behind the horizon.  The sunset slowly revealed some amazing colors […]

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