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Potosi Bolivia

Photo of the Day: Cerro Rico in Potosi Bolivia

Potosi Bolivia has always been dominated by mining for minerals, specifically silver.  The storied past surrounding the infamous Cerro Rico (Rich Mountain) is heart breaking and one that you can’t escape even walking through the narrow streets of downtown Potosi.  In this photo of the day, Cerro Rico and the danger it poses to miners […]

Travel Videos

Amazing Short Video Clips Vol 2

From the travel backpacking video video vault, Two Backpackers share some exciting short video clips with you. These travel videos were shared the week of September 26th, 2010 on our Facebook Fan Page. Enjoy time travel as a Kuna tribal sailboat passes in front of a modern sailboat. Jason finds the best view in Medellin, […]

Potosi Bolivia

Ethics of Tourism: Mines of Potosi Bolivia

When I first heard that in Potosi there are organized tours allowing visitors to see how miners work, my first reaction was “Why?  What do tourists do there, take pictures?” At first thought, to be very honest, I was sickened that people do this.  Imagine a group of gringos who are dressed in protective clothing, […]

San Pedro de Atacama Dirt Streets

Discover Adventure in San Pedro de Atacama Chile

San Pedro de Atacama is an adventure town located in Chile’s Northern Salt Mountains and is an extreme desert environment.  The landscape is very picturesque with snow capped mountains in the distance and desert valleys that glow orange when the sun sets. (more…)

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