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Florida Keys Sunset

Key West Sunrise and Sunset Pictures

The Florida Keys exude clear blue green waters, coral reef islands, old sails, pirate stories and spectacular sunrise and sunset ceremonies. The most popular location for watching a sunset in Key West Florida is Mallory Square.  It’s also crowded every evening for the show.  So we bring you some sunset and sunrise photos from Key […]

Tupiza to Uyuni Tour

Photo of the Day: Sunrise Over Salt Flats in Bolivia

During our Tupiza to Uyuni Bolivia Salt Flats 4-day tour we witnessed incredible and varying scenery, such as this sunrise over the salt flats early the last morning. The white ground creates a very unique glow which is hard to experience elsewhere. If the clouds are clear enough, it may be the best sunrise you […]

Photo of the Day: Most Beautiful Sunrise at Torres del Paine

The last day of our trek we hiked from Campamento Torres up to the Torres Lookout Point in the darkness to watch the sun come up and illuminate the towers. We were rewarded with the most beautiful sunrise we have every seen. It even beat any sunset we have ever seen. The colors were amazing […]

Sunrise at Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine Sunrise – Short Clip 3

Enjoy a stunning sunrise from Patagonia through a Travel Video from Jason and Aracely of In Short Clip 3, we share the colorful skies surrounding the Torres del Paine towers changing as the sun rises. Enjoy the show! (more…)

Sunset Pictures

Photo of the Day: Sunrise at Volcano Pacaya, Guatemala

Enjoy our HD Travel Video of Active Volcano Pacaya in Guatemala. Pacaya is an active complex volcano in Guatemala. It rises to an elevation of 2,552 metres (8,373 ft). After being dormant for a century, it erupted violently in 1965 and has been erupting continuously since then. Pacaya lies 30 kilometres (19 mi) southwest of […]

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