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Trans-Siberian Railway

10 Best Stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway

Guest post from Masha of 2away. Trans-Siberian railway is one of the epic train journeys most of the travelers have very high on their bucket list. However, many of the people are going non-stop from Moscow to Irkutsk with a goal to cross over to Mongolia and later on to China as soon as possible. […]

travel china

China Travel – Food, Transport and the Language Barrier

Having spent 2 months traveling in China,┬áby the end of our trip we’d still only managed to pick up around 5 words: Hello = “Ni hao”, Thank you = “Xiexie”, Rice = “Mifan” and Vegetables = “Shucai”. This is simply the phonetically spelt words and we haven’t even included the accents that accompany them which […]

Chicken Buses

Central America Chicken Buses – Short Clip 1

Culture and art is best represented in Central America by the old American school buses that have customized and painted in glaring colors. The art on these buses is taken seriously and those details are captured well in this short Travel Video from Jason and Aracely of Enjoy the show! (more…)

Train Of The Clouds In Northern Argentina

Photo of the Day: Train Of The Clouds

This train is a tourist attraction in Northern Argentina. Tren a las Nubes (or Train of the Clouds) takes a very long scenic stroll through the Salta region over bridges, viaducts as high as 4,200 m and the altiplano. The train doesn’t actually go to any specific town, it just takes it’s passengers to the […]

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