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Argentina Travel

Argentina Travel – What to do in Cafayate

Cafayate, Argentina When people think of Argentina, they think of tango, steaks, and wine.  And when it comes to wine in Argentina, the region of Mendoza is king. Now Mendoza is great and all… with world famous wine but if you are looking for a bit more adventure to go along with your vino, I’d […]

Maipu Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza Argentina Wine Pictures

One of the most popular wine regions to visit in Mendoza, Argentina is Maipu.  Maipu is easily accessible from Mendoza by local bus or your own transportation.  The entire Mendoza wine region is most known throughout the world for it’s Malbec wines.  Experience the thin skinned grapes in a variety of vineyards serving the intense […]

Vines of Mendoza

Mendoza Wine Country

Yes, while in Argentina we visited the home of the world renowned Malbec wines of Mendoza.  No, we didn’t think it was awesome, but we aren’t wine connoisseurs either.  Once we promoted that we were visiting Argentina, our friends and family immediately asked, “Are you going to visit Mendoza?”  At first, we didn’t think it […]

Parrot from Argentina

Photo of the Day: A Parrot On A Fence in Cafayate

While driving through the wineries in Cafayate, Argentina parrots, or possibly parakeets, swarmed the pampas.  The plains seem to be the perfect nesting grounds for these loud groups of quick moving birds.  When they fly through the sky, turquoise colored wings glow against their bright green bodies.  This particular bird stood still long enough for […]

Photo of the Day: Making Wine In Mendoza

Most wine tours booked out of Mendoza, Argentina explore wineries in Maipú, 16 kilometers from downtown Mendoza.  A wine museum is a wonderful point of interest in Maipú.   The museum contains giant old barrels, traditional wine making tools and actual wine making on the premises.

Photo of the Day: Perfect Mendoza Wine Grapes

This photo was taken at The Wine Museum in Maipu, near Mendoza, Argentina.  Most wineries are actually not in the town of Mendoza, but in Maipu, which is a 40 minutes bus ride from the city.  Here you can rent a bike for about $7 USD for the day and ride to as many wineries […]

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