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Travel tips, travel gear and travel plans from the 2 Backpackers travel community.


How to Scrapbook – Travel Memories

Sometimes I find that the online world has taken over my life. Don’t we all feel like that sometimes?  I have fond memories of writing a diary in my teens, I still have them all somewhere. I cherish those records of how I was feeling at a particular time.  Things, that to people who don’t […]

Travel Tips

Travel Tips – Land Border Crossing Checklist

With ten land border crossings under our belt, it’s time to share travel tips about our experience with land border crossings.  Our first land border crossing was from Guatemalato El Salvador and it involved a boat ride, two bus rides and a walk across a long bridge separating the borders.  We admittedly were nervous.  It […]

Saving for RTW

How to Travel Long-Term & Pay Off Debt

Scott and Christy, a couple of surfers from Ordinary Traveler share some finance travel tips. We have been paying off student loans for a few years (or shall I say my other half has been paying off expensive loans from helicopter pilot school and college) and we have decided not to put off traveling until […]

what is a hostel like

What is a Hostel Like?

We had never stayed in a hostel prior to our first long-term backpacking trip in Central and South America.  I honestly had no idea what a hostel was, and I wasn’t about to watch the horror movie flick “Hostel” to find out.  It had always been hotels for me, so what was I to expect?  […]

Exercise and Backpacking

Travel And Exercise

Aracely and I are both health conscience individuals who enjoy working out and eating healthy, but there are always exceptions.  We definitely do have our  fair share of splurges on pizza (for me) and ice cream (for Aracely).  Our initial thought was that backpacking for a year would get us into better shape.  We have […]

Uyini Salt Mine Poses

10 Lessons Learned While Traveling

It is hard to believe it has been 270 days (9 whole months) that we have been on the road.  Nine months of moving around, nine months of living out of our backpacks, nine months of not seeing family and friends, of hostels, of street food, of meeting strangers, of making friends, nine whole months […]

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