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Travel planning from the 2 Backpackers travel community.

Gap Year

Packing for Gap Year Travel vs Vacation

Our first gap year travel included backpacking in Central and South America between 2009 and 2010. We had no clue how to prepare for long-term travel or what to pack for a gap year. Now, our travel style is geared towards vacations or working holidays. Preparing for the two is completely different as you can […]

30th Birthday Travel

Aracely turns 30 – Where should she travel?

Aracely turns the big 30 on March 12 and as usual with any milestone in her life, she wants to go travel, or at least create more adventure vacations memories.  We have a week to escape, and no plans at this point. What type of travel? It doesn’t seem like she has narrowed it down […]

Travel Planning

First Time Backpacker Essentials

Whether you have recently completed your A-Levels and feel its time to broaden your horizons with some inter-continental travel, or you are a more mature backpacker who has thrown off the shackles of your nine-to-five lifestyle to take a mid-life gap year – it always pays to be fully prepared for the journey you are […]

Saving for RTW

How to Travel Long-Term & Pay Off Debt

Scott and Christy, a couple of surfers from Ordinary Traveler share some finance travel tips. We have been paying off student loans for a few years (or shall I say my other half has been paying off expensive loans from helicopter pilot school and college) and we have decided not to put off traveling until […]

Packing and selling our stuff

Preparing to Travel To-Do List

Preparing to travel, regardless of travel style, can be a stressful task.  We weren’t able to sleep; awake until 3:00am thinking about all that remained to be done on our travel plan for our backpacking trip. When you live in the United States, traveling to another country typically means you have a long trip overseas.  […]

Location Independent Profressional

How We Paid For A Year Of Travel

Perhaps you are expecting me to reveal a secret formula or quick way to make money that gives you the means to travel round the world for a year.  I’m sorry, we do not have one. You might also enjoy reading… Can Blogging Pay for My Travels? It’s similar to asking a trainer or nutritionist […]

Best Travel Budget App for iPhone or iTouch

RTW Trip Budgeting for Central America

One of the most important concerns regarding long-term travel is finances.  There are many questions that bombard our minds, make us nervous, and lead us to shy away from the idea of traveling for longer than a week. Can I afford it?  How much will it cost?  How long can I travel on a set […]

Travel Itinerary

Lack of a Travel Plan

After we tell people that we are going to travel around the world the first question they usually ask is, “Where are you going?”  I struggled with this question in the beginning.  After stumbling for not having a definitive answer I would say, “Latin America and Southeast Asia.”  Well, that leads to additional questions for […]

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