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Backpacking travel stories and traveling tips for visiting California.

Fleet Week

Shocking Fleet Week Photos from San Francisco – Part 1

I am not exaggerating when I claim to have shocking photos from Fleet Week in San Francisco. We felt the shockwave as a Navy F-18 Super Hornet flew over the San Francisco Bay reaching speeds of mach 1, breaking the sound barrier. Fleet Week San Francisco 2011 It was the best weather we could have […]

San Francisco Travel

San Francisco – Best Travel Cities

Our time enjoying San Francisco travel has come to an end, and we have formed some positive opinions about this top travel destination.  San Francisco is a must visit for those looking to experience the best travel cities in the world. San Francisco Travel San Francisco has a lot to offer, which is why we […]

San Francisco Travel

San Francisco – Food, Drink and Fleet Week

It’s been an exciting first few days in San Francisco, California.  My best friend, Samit, lives in the Pacific Heights neighborhood, which is an ideal location for a 15 minute walk down to the bay where the San Francisco Fleet Week Air Show takes place.  Peering through the streets of Victorian mansions you are rewarded with […]

san francisco travel

Visiting San Francisco for the first time!

After visiting London for a week, I didn’t think it could get much better, but it has. From one great city to another, from London travel to San Francisco travel.  The liberal and environmental activism in San Francisco has fascinated me for many years.  One of my best friends moved out here from New Jersey over 6 […]

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